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Aura – a comfortable, ergonomic mattress with 4cm viscoelastic (memory) foam polyurethane layer. You will feel as comfortable as your body lying in the correct position. For viscoelastic materials with a unique so-called ”slow” return effect evenly distributes pressure on the human body a positive effect on blood circulation, improve sleep quality and relieve back pain. Relaxes tense muscles all over your body. The mattress is made of breathable, and humans and the environment-friendly materials. Choose a comfortable sleep.

The cover is made from a soft knitted fabric tacked to an anti-allergic puffy material 200 g/m2. The cover has a zip, which makes it easily removable. If it is necessary, can be washed up to 40o C.

Height of the mattress about 16cm.

The core of the mattress:

§ Viscoelastic material (Memory) – 4cm
§ High-elastic polyurethane foam, HR (T-40 kg/m3)
§ Orthopedic load (a person) – 110kg
§ mattress height: about 16 cm
§ Bed base – lattice

Mattress – double-sided. Warranty – 5 years.


Simple , easy, fast

On our website www.auraplus.eu You can order  goods at any time of day , any day of the week if you live in Lithuania . Otherwise, contact our sales manager

1. Choose your required item(s)

2. Select dimensions

3. Please indicate the quantity of the selected item

4. Click the ” Add to Cart ”

5. Write your name, surname, address, telephone number and e- mail address.

6. After a short time, you will be contacted by a sales manager ,  you will then discuss your chosen item ,method of payment and delivery time.

We will immediately notify you by e- mail as to your order

There are several ways of payment :

1. After the order is confirmed, you’ll be sent a pre- forma invoice, your order plus delivery fee . ( You can find them by clicking on Terms of Delivery ) . You confirm your order with a deposit of not less than 20% of the total value of the invoice , and the remaining amount  will be paid  at the time of delivery, when you will receive an original VAT invoice and the product warranty  document.

2. Another method of payment . You pay  the full amount of transfer using the pre-forma invoice, and upon delivery, you receive an original VAT invoice  and warranty  document .

Our company’s working hours:

I- V from 8.00 to 17.00 .

Phone 8686 38191

iStock_000014645416SmallDelivery in (Lithuanian  cities):

1. Pillows, Mattress topper, mattress covers – 7 Eur
2. Mattresses, couches – 15 Eur
3. Beds – 30 Eur

Prices include VAT.

Contact data:

Tel. 868638191

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