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About us

Our bodies and minds need daily rest. Sleep is necessary, and rejuvenates  the body. We spend almost one third of our lives asleep, and quality of sleep has a great influence on our health. We suggest that you sleep on a high-quality mattress, that is suitable for you, in order for your body to rest and relax during your sleep period. It is recommended to replace an everyday mattress, after approximately  5-7 years of use. We offer mattresses that meet your individual needs.

For the production of  mattresses we use  environmentally friendly certified materials. Our range of products includes mattresses with so-called viscoelastic (memory) material that is responsive to your body heat and adapts to your body shape. Only  breathable materials preventing moisture accumulation are used in the memory foam mattress line. We offer  mattresses with Pocket and Multipocket spring systems. These are  mattresses with at base of sheathed springs. They can also be softened or firmed-up by using various components according to your needs (layers of coconut, latex, visco-elastic material, high resiliency HR polyurethane foam, VB polyurethane foam)  in order to create the feeling of maximum comfort during your sleep time.  Blocks of Bonell type springs are a perfect breathing base for those, who like firmer bed bases. A wide variety of mattress components are available. Special-purpose mattresses for medical or public service areas, as well as navigation. All of our mattresses will ensure comfort and orthopaedic support during your sleep time.

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We also use elastic polyurethane foam, viscoelastic (memory) material, coconut fibre in combintion in our top mattresses of all sizes.

Our range of  mattresses, top mattresses and orthopaedic pillows are designed to meet your daily comfort needs.  We offer a variety of compositions and sizes of mattresses for your comfort and sleep.

For those, who appreciate Scandinavian design, natural luxury, convenience and comfort, we offer beds and couches of various composition for homesteads, hotels and homes.

We are working to make your sleep smooth and comfortable.

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