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Mattress slats: bed base - three in one!

Sleep is a very important component of our lives. We even spend a third of our lives in bed! Quality sleep requires quality equipment, and a mattress slats becomes a significant tool. Why? 


A new mattress is not a key factor in ensuring your comfortable rest. Improper use of the mattress will damage it . The most common problem is that the slats is too soft and than the mattress becomes concave. Customers dissatisfied with mattress deformations or other signs of wear usually turn to the manufacturer or distributor for a poor product, but these can no longer help. This is a consequence of improper use.


High quality bed base – three bunnies in one shot! The three best friends of you and your mattress are: the right body position during sleep, the air permeability of the mattress and the right moisture balance.


Although there is a wide variety of bed bases on the market, wooden (plywood) slats are the best choice to protect the mattress from deformation and enable the product for comfort. As the solid plate impedes the circulation of air and moisture, a gap of 3-4 cm between the slats is required to guarantee good ventilation. This way, the “breathing” mattress will be more durable. The entire construction should be made of quality wood so as not to bend over the weight and help the mattress adapt to body shapes. 


If you want to prolong the life of the mattress, you need to ventilate it regularly. Good ventilation will help fight bad odors and provide proper moisture distribution. If the mattress is ventilated mechanically – in the yard or on the balcony – dust mites will also die in ultraviolet rays. Specialists recommend choosing constant ventilation of the mattress, using slats on the bed base. 


If you have a lack of energy in the mornings or are suffering from headaches and back pain, it is possible that your body is in an irregular position while sleeping. Wooden (plywood) gratings as the base of the bed help to distribute weight more evenly, and allow the mattress to adapt more to the shapes of the body. The boards are barely curved, but according to a specific problem, the slat is made adjustable or with an auxiliary support in the lumbar region.


How to choose?


  • Take into account the required weight. The slats must be made of wood (plywood) that does not move away from the load and the thickness and number of lamellae are appropriate for your weight.
  • Choose the right size. If you buy a bed and slats separately, do not forget to measure to choose a good option.
  • Choose quality material. In the trade you will find metal and plastic slats options, but wooden (plywood) – the most recommended, because they do not feel asleep and allow you to avoid deformations of the mattress.

The right base of the bed will be a guarantee of your comfortable sleep, highlight the characteristics of the mattress and ensure a longer life of the mattress. Ergonomics in your bedroom – better sleep for everyone!

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