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Organic „Auraplus“ products line

We are happy to introduce you to the new AURAPLUS line of organic flax and hemp fibers. The new spring mattresses OSKARAS, SIMFONIJA, MEDEINA and mattress topper LINAS provide a natural and healthy sleep environment, perfectly adjust to the body lines and have relaxing properties.

Čiužinys OskarasMattress OSKARAS is the first AURAPLUS product with organic, natural and non-allergenic flax and hemp fibers. Used since ancient times, flax and hemp have been valued for their robustness with quick moisture absorption and evaporation, anti-allergic and soothing properties.

These fibers have a positive effect on people’s well-being, allow the skin to breathe, cools in the summer and warms in the winter. Flax is biohazardous and environmentally friendly.Flax gives to mattress and mattress topper more stability and hardness.

One of the first cultivated plants – hemp fiber – is used in the production of mattresses SIMFONIJA and MEDEINA. Hemp fiber is breathable, allows the skin to breathe, quickly absorbs and evaporates moisture, has anti-allergic and antibacterial properties and does not accumulate dust or other dirt. It is the strongest of all natural fibers, which makes its products durable. Hemp fiber gives the mattress a firm and abrasion-resistant finish.

Let AURAPLUS products ensure a quality, healthy and restful night’s sleep. Order a new mattress today!

Until March 31 we apply a 15 % discount on standard size mattress OSKARAS. Visit one of our partner furniture stores and try out the mattress:

  • „Deluxe baldai“ Klaipėda, Baltijos pr. 6A, 2st floor.
  • „Sofaforma“ Vilnius, Kalvarijų g. 125, 2st floor.
  • „Miego Imperija“ Vilnius, Naugarduko g. 55A, PC „Skraja“, 1st floor.
  • UAB „Ažuona“ Kaunas, Taikos pr. 125, 2st floor.

Mattress SIMFONIJA you can find at:

  • „Miego Imperija“  Vilnius, Naugarduko g. 55A, PC „Skraja“, 1st floor.
  • UAB „Sofaforma“ Kaunas, Taikos pr. 125, 2st floor.

Mattress MEDEINA you can find at:

  • „Miego Imperija“ Vilnius, Naugarduko g. 55A, PC „Skraja“, 1st floor.
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