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Information about mattress


Polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam – base material used in mattress production. It is used in  mattresses and other soft furniture because of it’s useful features. Polyurethane foam has completely non alergic properties, well ventilated and is beneficial to health because of an unfavorable environment for dust mites. It is important that modern polyurethane foam  is breathable , does not give off an odour in the long term and does not absorb moisture .


R (simple), polyurethane foam, is the simplest type of polyurethane used in the manufacture of mattresses. Simple polyurethane mattresses serve up to five years.

HR foam is a high resistant polyurethane foam and its’  property is the closest to that of latex, but unlike the HR foam is several times more permeable to air. The current generation of  HR cold foam raises its credibility and capabilities to new heights. HR cold foam mattresses serve up to seven years.

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Viscoelastic material

Viscoelastic material is highly elastic material, responding to body heat and that softens and moulds to your body shape, and  always returns to its original state. Special viscoelastic material production technology creates a unique feature – a slow response to  weight and adopt to new shapes and absorbs a large part of the inertial energy. It adapts perfectly to the body lines and temperature. Reduces  load on the body, improves blood circulation and metabolism.



Latex is produced in several ways. It has elasticity. Latex can be natural or synthetic. Natural latex is softer than synthetic but less used and more susceptible to temperature, humidity, and sunlight. Synthetic latex is often blended with natural latex to obtain optimum properties. The material is elastic and smooth, without any sound, do not multiply within the dust mites cannot thrive.


Pocket (Pocket) spring unit

Coated springs, the so-called pocket spring unit, each Pocket spring is placed in a textile pocket. The mattress surface does not move, only where it bears weight. The coated spring system supports the body exactly where it’s needed. On such a mattress you can move freely without moving  the whole mattress, and will not to interfere or disturb your sleeping partner. The system is both silent and convenience. The coated spring system is a really good choice when you want really good quality of  bed.


Bonell spring system

Bonell spring system is the most common and classic spring system. The springs are tightly interconnected, the mattress responds to the change in sleeping position and supports the body where you need it.


Coconut fiber

Coconut fiber layer making the mattress stiff. This material has very important feature, its  unique air permeability and rigidity properties. Coconut fiber has antibacterial properties, and remains  strong and resilient for a long time, even in high humidity conditions. Coconut fiber in mattresses are especially strong and durable and never too hot. This product becomes firmer because of the thick layer of coconut fibre when it is used in the mattress.

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Auraplus Mattress covers are made from a soft knitted fabric. This fabric is breathable, soft and is gentle to the skin. It is a soft and comfortable material. We also use in our  mattress production, a  high quality jacquard fabric. On the mattresses for children – we use a  material of 100 percent cotton with printed pictures. Cotton is air permeable material, soft and kind to the body. Fabrics used in Auraplus mattress are in accordance with international Öko-Tex standard. Fabrics produced in an environmentally sustainable manner and do not harm the health of consumers.

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