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  We would like to be glad that our mattress OSKARAS is the winner of the "Lithuanian Product of the Year 2020" gold medal.


          In order to reduce the intensity of energy consumption, UAB Ausnė is implementing a project aimed at increasing the consumption of renewable


  Mattress is a durable item and it serves for a several years. It impacts the quality of our sleep and provides an opportunity to relax during sleep. Thus, a well chosen mattress allows having a proper


Definitely, we do not change our mattress every time when seasons change. We try to make a decision which will satisfy our needs and serve for a long time and


Fiber hemps are one of the first cultivated plants. According to historians, cannabis may be one of the oldest cultivated plants in Lithuania. Traditions of using these cultivated plants are older than 5500


  There exist some well known myths about sleep in the society and this neither helps to improve the health nor mood. So, we decided to let you find out what is true and what is not. We represent the six


  National Sleep Foundation draws attention of the society how COVID-19 pandemics impacts the overall human well-being and sleep quality. As we all know sleep is essential for human health and effective


We are happy to introduce you to the new AURAPLUS line of organic flax and hemp fibers. The


Producer of beds and mattresses “Ausnė” has released a new commercial which was recorded last summer in Vilnius region. The company presents a collection of beds for the Lithuanian market in the


Project "Energy consumption audit of the JSC “UAB Ausnė" In order to increase the JSC “UAB Ausnė” business efficiency it is


We would like to share our joy that our product the mattress PRIMERO won a gold medal as a “Lithuanian product of the year 2018”.

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