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Novelty in the Auraplus assortment is a new, exceptionally comfortable product for a better night's sleep. This is a universal double-sided mattress FLAMINGO, which consists of


Novelty in the Auraplus assortment - “VitaRest Biogreen” viscoelastic polyurethane foam products. The name VitaRest


At first glance, winter and sleep seem to be the two most suitable companions for a good rest. Long dark nights and cool weather, when it is so difficult to get out of bed when


You ask yourself: what to give again? Do you think your loved ones are tired of witty Christmas stockings and clever vacuum cleaners, but lack ideas? Think again! This year,


We would like to be glad that our mattress HARMONIA Jai ir Jam is the winner of the "Lithuanian Product of the Year 2021" gold medal.


Choosing between a wide variety of fibers, materials, and ingredients in mattresses and top mattresses can sometimes actually become a headache. You can also get lost in the


Two for the price of one: comfort, longevity and better sleep are included for each. Auraplus presents a unique double-sided mattress, which will be loved not only by people looking for different needs and one


Sleep is a very important component of our lives. We even spend a third of our lives in bed! Quality sleep requires quality equipment, and a mattress slats becomes a significant


The long-awaited vacation on an uncomfortable bed doesn’t sound very comfortable. Usually when you come to the guests or decide to spend your summer vacation in the homestead,


An increasing interest in the zero waste policy and environmental friendliness promotes the desire to make the consumption healthier and friendlier to the environment. It turns out that a mission to have

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