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Romena – this mattress with Multipocket springs system manufactured using the highest quality materials. In a such system springs per square meter is much more than a simple pocket spring system. This two sided mattress , which is on one side a 1.2 cm coir and 3 cm high resilience polyurethane foam HR layer, this side of the mattress is harder . Meanwhile on the other side of the mattress surface is covered with 3 inches of high resiliency polyurethane foam HR , this side of the mattress is a bit softer. This mattress system and the combination of materials makes the mattress strong and permeable to air . One side of the mattress is softer , the other harder . Due to the significantly higher number of springs the mattress is more durable . This mattress for those peolpe who like harder sleeping foundation.

The cover is made from a soft knitted fabric that feels good to the touch. On both sides tacked antiallergic agent plump 200g/m2 . The cover is a zipper , which help it is easily removable . If necessary, can be washed up to 40 ° C temperature.

The mattress with a cover height of 22 cm.


Knitted white fabric (No. 10)

16 percent viscose, 84 percent polyester.

Knitted fabric with bamboo thread (No. 17)

36 percent bamboo, 64 percent polyester.

Knitted brown fabric (No. 31)

16 percent viscose, 84 percent polyester.

Knitted linen fabric (No. 39)

23 percent viscose, 77 percent polyester.

Knitted fabric "Aloe Vera" (No. 32)

26 percent viscose, 74 percent polyester.

Knitted fabric with hemp (No. 43)

25 percent cotton/hemp, 75 percent polyester.

Fabric made of polyester (No. 44)

100 percent polyester.

The mattress core consists of:

§ High resiliency polyurethane foam, HR (T-40kg/m3) – 3 cm.
§ Coconut fiber – 1 cm.
§ Spring security.
§ Multipocket springs system.
§ Spring security.
§ High resiliency polyurethane foam, HR (T-37 kg/m3) – 3 cm.
§ Orthopedic load (1 person) – 110 kg.
§ Height of the mattress with a cover – about 22 cm.
§ Bed base – lattice.

Mattress – double-sided. Warranty – 3 years.


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2. Another method of payment . You pay  the full amount of transfer using the pre-forma invoice, and upon delivery, you receive an original VAT invoice  and warranty  document .

Our company’s working hours:

I- V from 8.00 to 17.00 .

Phone 8686 38191

iStock_000014645416SmallDelivery in (Lithuanian  cities):

1. Pillows, Mattress topper, mattress covers – 10 Eur
2. Mattresses, couches – 20 Eur
3. Beds – 30 Eur

Prices include VAT.

Contact data:

Tel. 868638191

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