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Mattresses toppers

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We offer a wide range of AURAPLUS mattresses toppers, where you can find viscoelastic and foam polyurethane mattresses toppers with breathable latex, natural linen and coconut fibers. AURAPLUS mattresses toppers are designed for quality and comfortable rest. You can use the mattress topper to raise the bed, to smooth out the lying areas and to reduce the feeling of sofa-bed spaces. The mattress topper also performs a hygienic function: prevents the mattress from getting dirty and extends its service life.

High-quality, made from safe and breathable materials AURAPLUS mattresses toppers has ergonomic, relaxing and ventilation properties. With AURAPLUS mattress topper you will sleep comfortably every single night.

AURAPLUS mattresses toppers were rated 5 out of 5 based on 44 customer ratings.

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